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Wang Yan Won the National Champion of FLTRPETIC Cup

Published 2019-12-30   Author   Hits 10

From December 9th, 2019 to December 13th, 2019, FLTRPETIC Cup English Public Speaking Contest was held in the international conference center of Beijing Foreign Studies Press. 180 contestants from all over the country competed together. After a five-day and four-round fierce competition, Wang Yana law major student from ECNUcoached by Dr. Zhao Chaoyong, won the national champion, bringing the university the first national champion in the speech contest Since its first debut in 2002, FLTRPETIC Cup English Public Speaking Contest has attracted wide attention.It has developed into the highest-level, most-competitive and widely-recognized national speech contest.

The 2019 contest includes a ground contest and an Internet contest. The organizer invited contestants from overseas as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to compete with 90 mainland contestants from the ground test and 90 mainland contestants from the Internet contest.

The forms are the fixed topic speech, the impromptu speech,  Q&A and the comprehensive knowledge test . 

Over recent years, our school has attached great importance to improving the quality of undergraduate education and encouraged them to participate in different contests so as to strengthen communication and improve themselves in an all-round way. Dr. Zhao Chaoyong from the ֹ of Foreign Languages is leads the English speech workshop with other teachers including Wangyue, Liu Sen and Li Jie as its members. This workshop has made great contributions to selecting and training students for our school and is also beneficial for students to improve their speech skills and inter-cultural communication skills.

 FLTRPETIC Cup includes English speech contest, reading contest and writing test.  Zhao Tianyi from the Spanish major won the national second prize of 2019 reading contest(guided by Xia Ping). Wang Yans winning the national speech contest has fully demonstrated the excellent English language abilities of our students and the high professional level of our teachers.