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Department Director: Chen Hong, Professor



English Department of ֹ of Foreign Languages of East China Normal University has profound academic traditionsolid foundation, a complete subject system and highly skilled faculties. The program of English language and literature was established in 1951, which started to recruit postgraduates in 1981 and was given the authority to grant doctoral degree in 1998. This program has been appraised as Shanghai Characteristic Program and National Characteristic Program by Shanghai Education Commission and Chinese Ministry of Education. In 2017, it was ranked 201th-205th by QS (8th in mainland China) and enjoys a good reputation home and abroad for its academic research and teaching quality.

The English Department of East China Normal University is one of the important bases for teacher education in English in China. It has accumulated rich experience in teacher training in English and has become a leader in the reform of English education in China. In 2014, our Comprehensive Curriculum Reform Project for English Teacher Education, which aimed to change the traditional system of teacher education in English, was approved as a key comprehensive reform project of the Ministry of Education. The English Department has been rated as an excellent model for  tearcher  internships in East China Normal University, and has repeatedly won awards in the National Teacher Education Skills Competition. Over the years, the English Department has actively explored practical path that is conducive to the development of English majors. It has established dozens of high-quality bases in No.2 High ֹ Of East China Normal University, Qibao Middle ֹ, Jianping Middle ֹ, Shanghai No.3 Girls' High ֹ, Shanghai TV Station (ICS), and Shanghai Cuican Education Investment Co., Ltd. and etc.

The English Department has published a variety of academic monographs and text books that have great influence throughout the country. For example, text bookis like English, Comprehensive English Course and English Listening Course are all national-level planned teaching materials, and won the first prize of Excellent Teaching Materials for the National Colleges and Universities, making great contributions to improving the level of foreign language teaching in China.

Our teachers and researchers often publish high-quality academic papers  in important journals (SSCI, A&HCI, CSSCI), host a number of national and provincial-level scientific research projects, and have won various awards on national, provincial and ministerial levels for scientific research achievements and teaching achievements. The Comprehensive English and English Phonetics courses for Undergraduate students were selected into National Quality Courses and Shanghai Quality Courses, and Australian Literature was selected as a key course in Shanghai. At present, our department has established a complete disciplinary system covering literature of English-speaking countries, linguistics and applied linguistics, national and regional studies and translation studies.

China's famous scholarssuch as Fang Zhong, Ge Chuanqi, Xu Yanmou, Zhou Yiliang, Sun Dayu, Zuo Huanqi, Huang Yuanshen all worked here. There are 31 regular teachers including 10 professors, 13 associate professors and 8 lecturers. More than 60% of the teachers have doctoral degrees and mostteachers have studiedabroad like in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada.

National and regional studies such as the Australian Studies Centre, the American Studies Centre, the New Zealand Studies Centre and the Asia-Pacific Regional Studies Centre have become important academic features of the English Department. The Chinese-English Paper Collection and the Chinese-English Library series, as well as the regularly held high-quality academic frontier forum--Hua Ying Forum have become important academic brands for the English Department.

The English Department has long been committed to cultivating English major studnets with a broad international perspective, a sound knowledge structure, a solid language foundation, and applicable skills. While consolidating, strengthening and broadening the students knowledge of language, culture, teaching, country and regional studies, we also focus on  cultivating of innovative ability, critical thinking and comprehensive quality. The English Department also has an international English major, recruiting international students of different languages and cultural backgrounds, and cultivating international talents with cross-cultural knowledge and skills.

At present, we have nearly 600 undergraduate students, more than 100postgraduate students, and nearly 500 on-the-job Education Master candidates. The undergraduate students of English Department include those trained as teachers and those not. We are aimed at cultivating  research talents in English language and culture, teachers, translators, interpreters, etc. Our graduates work in many fields including high schools, foreign-funded enterprises, foreign affairs departments of government, publishing houses, newspapers and magazines, radio stations, television stations, educational institutions, etc,  Our graduates are well received by employers and thus in huge demand.

The English Department has close communication and cooperation with overseas universities. Each semester, excellent undergraduates and postgraduates are selected to conduct exchange studies and research activities in universities in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Canada. The English Department encourages and supports our students to participate in high-level academic activities and competitions at home and abroad. In the National English Contest for College Students, the 21st Century English Speech Contest and the Hua'ao Cup National College English Contest, our undergraduate and postgraduate students have achieved good results for many times.

Main courses for undergraduate English majors include Comprehensive English, Advanced English, Extensive Reading, Listening, Pronunciation, Conversation, Writing, Grammar, English-to-Chinese Translation, Chinese-to-English Translation, Interpretation, English Literature, American Literature, Australian Literature, Linguistics Introduction, Australian society and culture, English language teaching methods, etc. Postgraduate courses include Cultural Theory and Popular Culture Studies, Western Thought Classics, 20th Century Western literary theory, Western classical Literary Theory, Modern Drama, American Literature and Culture, English Literature, Australian Literature, Sino-Australian relations, Australian Cultural Studies, Post-war International relations, Translation Theory Research, Introduction to Translation Studies, Theoretical Linguistics, Linguistic Philosophy, Pragmatics, Phonology, Contemporary Linguistics Research, etc.



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