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The ֹ of Foreign Languages was established in 1993 based on the Department of Foreign Languages founded in 1951. The ֹ boasts 192 faculty members, including 19 professors and 45 associate professors. The school now has seven undergraduate programs in English, Japanese, French, German, Russian and English-Chinese translation. We set up a doctoral program in English Language and Literature as a second-class discipline in 1998 and a doctoral program in foreign languages and literature as a first-class discipline in 2010. Now, we have five second-class doctoral degrees in English language and literature, Japanese language and literature, French language and literature, Russian language and literature, foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, one first-class master degree in foreign linguistics, six second-class master degrees in English language and literature, Russian language and literature, French language and literature, Japanese language and literature, German language and literature, and foreign linguistics and applied linguistics. Besides, two professional master degrees in education and MTI are also set up here. The school also has one post-doctoral mobile research center of foreign languages and literatures. According to the fourth Chinas disciplinary evaluation of the Ministry of Education in 2017, the ֹs Foreign Languages and Literatures is selected as A-Class (top 5%-10% in China).

ֹ of Foreign Languages, ECNU

The school boasts eight study centers including the College English Teaching Studies  Center, Australian Studies Center, the New Zealand Studies Center, the United States Studies Center, the Asia-Pacific Region Studies Center, the Translation Studies Center, Japanese Language Education Studies Center and the Theoretical Linguistics Studies Center, and one CSSCI Source Journal -- Foreign Language Learning Theory and Practice.


In the past five years, in terms of teaching, two of our courses has been honored with the title of national quality courses, 4 with Shanghai quality courses. We won 1 first prize of Shanghai Teaching Achievements Competition and 6 teaching materials won provincial and ministerial level awards. Besides, one of our teacher was awarded the title of Shanghai Famous Teacher. In terms of scientific research, we won three third prizes for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements Competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai. More than 20 monographs were published in various disciplines, more than 200 CSSCI papers were published, and more than 20 national social science and provincial-or-ministerial level projects were awarded. We won 2 outstanding talents prizes and 4 Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program. Some of these projects have the potential to fill gaps in academic circles at home and abroad.

The first English translation of The Three Kingdoms (in total 120 chapters) by a Chinese translator, Professor Yu Sumei at ECNU


The school pays attention to international academic exchanges and has established long-term cooperative relations with the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Russia and other countries. Every year, students are selected to study abroad. At the same time, the school also recruits nearly 100 domestic and foreign visiting scholars, teachers seeking to advance teaching skills, and Masters of Education. There has been teachers who selected for the China-US Fulbright Project for four consecutive years, one in each year. In August 2011, Le Clezio, the 2008 Nobel Prize for Literature, was invited to give a lecture on the Great Summer Forum. In addition, in recent years, the college has established long-term stable teacher-student exchange programs, academic exchanges and partnerships with University of Cambridge, Universit Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, Universit Lyon 2, Universit Paul-Valry Montpellier III, WASEDA University, Moscow state university, Russia, U.S. Research Center, University of Purdue, USA., St. Olaf College, State University of New York at Albany, La Trobe University, The University of Melbourne, Monash University and University of Western Sydney. Besides, we successfully hosted many international conferences, such as the International Seminar on Translation and Translation Teaching in the Context of Globalization, the High-level Forum in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-US Diplomatic Relations, the 3rd International Conference of Australian Studies in China, an International Symposium on Patrick Whites Works, an International Seminar on Publication of Australian Studies in China, a Symposium on Prousts Works, an International Symposium on Asia-Pacific Civil Society and Cultural Diversity, and the 14th International Conference on the Short Story in English.


 the 14th International Conference on the Short Story in English

 Da Xia Inter-ֹ Linguistics Forum


Dean: Yuan Xiaoyi

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Secretary of the Party Committee: Yan Lu

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ֹ Address: 500 Dongchuan road, Minhang district, shanghai

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